Inspired by nature

The Muller family has had a proud tradition of milling grain since 1704 and produces flour and pasta full of natural flavour and goodness. Our Luxembourg family business works in partnership with local farmers and is always striving to make the process more sustainable.

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Natural products, responsibly made

Our range of products comes straight from the local area. With LE MOULIN products, add a little taste of Luxembourg to your favourite recipes.

Le Moulin - Les Farines

Our flour

The LE MOULIN range is made with the utmost respect for our long history of milling. Our flour is second-to-none,produced through a rigorous selection of grain varieties, while working in close cooperation with local Luxembourg farmers in a sustainable way. Try LE MOULIN flour, and add a little flavour of Luxembourg to your tastiest dishes.

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Our pasta

LE MOULIN pasta is made from durum wheat harvested in Luxembourg. Chosen with care, these grains make first-rate semolina flour, which goes to make our range of delicious pasta. Liven up your favourite dishes with this natural product, which is both respectful of the environment and made with passion.

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Le Moulin - Les Pâtes

Our philosophy

As a Luxembourg company, we are committed to, and responsible for, our local ecosystem. We try as much as we can to source locally, from within  Luxembourg. When this is not possible, we then consider the regional perspective, with a dedicated focus on promoting short distribution channels.

Discover “Le Moulin”
« By making use of traditional milling techniques, and wanting to be active promoters of sustainable agriculture, we do everything we can to give our customers high quality, natural and delicious pasta and flour. »– Jean Muller, CEO, Moulins de Kleinbettingen