A unique expertise born from family tradition

Le Moulin - La Famille

The story behind LE MOULIN flour and pasta is one of family. Today, Jean Muller is the keeper of this successful family tradition that started in 1704. He represents the tenth generation of millers in the Muller family.

Like all the directors who came before him, Jean is developing our unique business by maintaining exceptional craftsmanship and meeting today’s highest quality standards.

Our production site is one of Europe’s most modern mills, while also keeping a rich family milling tradition alive.

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« We are the keepers of a unique family tradition, which includes a real love for the best quality grain, but we also embrace the future, to be able to evolve with our customers. »– Jean Muller, CEO, Moulins de Kleinbettingen

Our Philosophy

As a Luxembourg company, we are committed to, and responsible for, our local ecosystem. We try as much as we can to source locally, from within  Luxembourg. When this is not possible, we then consider the regional perspective, with a dedicated focus on promoting short distribution channels. The grain for semolina and flour comes from a relatively small area. This means we can stay close to our farmers, so that we can work together and make sure they are paid a fair price for their produce.

We develop our business through a process of continual improvement which has to benefit the company, the whole ecosystem and our customers. If you have any suggestions that could help us improve, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Le Moulin - Philosophie

Committed pioneers of responsible farming

Le Moulin - Filière

As an independent stakeholder supporting sustainable and responsible farming, the Muller family created the “Produits du Terroir” network in 2007, together with the Luxembourg Chamber of Agriculture. Through this network, LE MOULIN and local farmers are committed to supporting wheat production that respects the environment and the product, as well as providing customers with tasty, 100% natural Luxembourg flour and pasta. Every bag of LE MOULIN flour or pasta contains a piece of this unique family history, as well as being full of delicious local flavour.

A love for grain passed down the generations

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 1704

Philippe Muller buys a millstone and milling rights in Luxembourg. He writes the first lines of the family history.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

From 1704 to 1863

Flour is produced using wheat from neighbouring fields to meet local needs. All the while, a family tradition develops. It will be passed down from father to son and even through nephews and cousins, right up to the present day.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

From 1863 to 1917.

The Muller family acquires the Dommeldange Mill. Production gains a new momentum. In 1917, the Dommeldange Mill is destroyed in a fire.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

From 1921 to 1966.

The Muller brothers – Edmond, Joseph and Georges – buy back the Kleinbettingen and Arlon mills, which were built in 1894, to continue the family tradition. In 1966, another fire damages large parts of the installations at Kleinbettingen.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 1974.

The heads of the business, Edmond’s son Jean and Joseph’s son Jacques, reinvest massively in infrastructure so that it can better respond to customer needs.

Thanks to these new installations, they are able to mill common wheat and durum wheat. The mill continues to produce flour and is the first in Luxembourg to start producing semolina flour.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 1983.

Jean’s 33-year-old son Edmond Muller joins the business.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 1999.

The “Produit du terroir – Lëtzebuerger Miel” program is launched. The Muller family commits to supporting local wheat farming that is responsible, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and which delivers high quality products. With this in mind, it brings together Luxembourg’s mills and farmers in a joint effort to produce tasty and healthy grain.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

From 2007 to 2010.

A new flour mill is built. In 2010, Jean Muller takes over as head of the family business.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 2015.

The Moulins de Kleinbettingen obtain IFS Food Certification, which confirms that its products are safe and healthy. In the same year, the durum wheat mill is modernised.

Le Moulin - Depuis 1704

In 2020.

The Moulins de Kleinbettingen launch the LE MOULIN brand on the market, becoming the first producer to offer Luxembourg dry pasta.