The mission of the Luxembourg Red Cross is to help vulnerable people to live independently and with dignity. By working with the association, we want to support the eight food banks located across the country, which give disadvantaged people access to healthy food products. By doing so, we are playing our part in maintaining the close relationship the Red Cross has had with our country and its people for more than hundred years. It is also a great way to work alongside its 3,500 volunteers.


To celebrate National Day, LE MOULIN is getting actively involved with the Luxembourg Red Cross. From 14 to 22 June, every household in Luxembourg will receive a packet of LE MOULIN Spaghetti.

This unprecedented distribution is happening with the collaboration of POST in support of the Red Cross.

Every household is invited to post a photo of their packet of Le Moulin Spaghetti on social media with the hashtag #ISupportTheRedCross. For every photo posted, we promise to donate a packet of pasta to the association.


It’s really easy! You just need to take a photo of your packet of Le Moulin Spaghetti and post it on your Instagram account or on the Facebook page @lemoulin1704 with the hashtag of the operation #ISupportTheRedCross.
If you haven’t received your packet of LE MOULIN Spaghetti, contact us.

If you haven’t received your packet of LE MOULIN Spaghetti, contact us.

paquets de pâtes récoltés


LE MOULIN is the brand name of the Moulins de Kleinbettingen, which are located in the commune of the same name in the south of Luxembourg. Every day, this family-run mill turns wheat into flour and semolina flour.

The LE MOULIN brand, which is only available in Luxembourg, now offers a wide range of flour and pasta from locally-grown wheat.

Our LE MOULIN pasta is made exclusively from wheat grown in Luxembourg. The long-standing collaboration between the Moulins de Kleinbettingen and local farmers means we can produce semolina flour from the wheat grown in Luxembourg’s fields. This semolina flour then becomes the main ingredient of our pasta range.

Once you have posted your photo, we will send a packet of LE MOULIN pasta to the Red Cross. It isn’t therefore a financial donation, but a product donated directly to food banks.

Yes, if you don’t want to keep your packet of LE MOULIN Spaghetti, please return it to your postman, who will collect any returns and give them to us to add to the other donations.

If you’d like to do a bit more and join as a volunteer, go to the Luxembourg Red Cross website, and click on “Get involved“.